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California Health Insurance Plans

Understanding the Different California Health Insurance Plans

Here at Bayside Health Insurance we make it much easier for you to understand the different health insurance plans and what they cover. You’ll be able to make a comparison between the various plans and choose the one that meets your health and budget needs. The choice is all yours.

The good news is that there is a health insurance plan for everyone.  And no insurance company will refuse to cover you simply because of a pre-existing condition.

 Whether you are a family with many doctor appointments or one that just wants to be covered for emergencies, there is a plan to match your needs.

How we can help

We make it simple. We’ll get you a quick quote, help you discover the plan that’s right for you, and introduce you to the application process. We can also help you calculate your government subsidy, see if you qualify for cost sharing and help you enroll in a health plan that will meet your needs, fit your budget and keep you from getting a penalty.

We use simple everyday language to help you understand the plans and the process. 

Why we do it

Aside from healthcare being our livelihood, we understand people and want to help you succeed in obtaining coverage. Instead of dreading shopping for insurance, feeling confused or being pressured to buy something, we want you to be able to get the help you are looking for. Like you, we are all consumers who need to shop for a variety of products and services. Looking forward to serving you soon!